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Frequently Asked Questions
About Ozone in Hot Tubs

What is Ozone?
Ozone is active oxygen, O3. It occurs naturally in the earth's atmosphere to protect us from the sun's harmful rays.

What are some uses of ozone?
Some common uses are: pool and spa water purification, drinking water purification, waste water purification, and air freshening.

How long has ozone been used to purify pool and spa water and remove odors from the air?
Over 50 years.

Will ozone hurt me?
No! In the quantities necessary to be effective, ozone is very gentle to humans and equipment in the water..

Does ozone have an odor?
Yes. Depending on the concentration, the odor ranges from slightly sweet to moderately antiseptic.

Will ozone kill bacteria?
Yes. It is one of the most effective, complete bactericides of all earth's measurable elements.

Will ozone kill viruses?
Yes. Ozone kills virtually all known forms of viruses in water and air.

Will Ozone reduce scum lines and foaming in spas?
Yes. With proper filtration it should completely eliminate them.

Can ozone damage my pool or spa equipment?
No. In fact, it is very gentle to spas, pools, and equipment. Applied properly, ozone is more gentle than any other water purifier in existence.

Can the ozone in my pool irritate skin or eyes like chlorine in pools?
No! Ozone is very gentle to skin and eyes.

Do I still have to filter the water as often?
Yes. Because impurities are constantly being introduced into the water and the ozone is constantly destroying them, the microscopic remains will need to be filtered out of the water.