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In appreciation of your service to our country, we offer a 10% discount for any hot tub or whirlpool bathtub repairs (including trip charge and diagnostic fee) to all active duty or career retired military personnel


Discover how adding an ozonator can enhance the water quality in your hot tub. View our FAQ

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Outline of Monthly Service Schedule:

Platinum Monthly Maintenance Service for One Year beginning and ending Services performed on a monthly basis include, but are not limited to:

-Using underwater vacuum, remove debris and up to ΒΌ of existing water and cycling in fresh water.

-Clean and scrub inside shell, jets, and suction fittings.

-Thoroughly clean the filter(s).

-Do a general operational and preventative maintenance inspection.

-Clean and condition both sides of the cover.

A monthly log is kept on your hot tub detailing water quality, chemicals added, and any mechanical performance observations. Additionally, when and if necessary, your water will be professionally analyzed and lab tested to determine any added treatment which may be necessary to achieve the best water quality possible.

Platinum service bonus: No trip/diagnostic charges**. If repairs are necessary, only parts and labor are additional charges.

Platinum service does NOT include new filters, or ozonator replacement/installation (if needed).


ANNUAL CHARGE: Call for current rates in your service area and applicable discounts

(*) All scheduled services are subject to change as a result of inclement weather.
(** Stafford County and Washington DC $65.00 trip charge only. Diagnostic fee waived)